Top 10 Tips for travelling with Kids

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1 – Disposable camera

Peak Digital Basic Disposable                       Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera

Kids and cameras go together. No pretence, no worrying about lighting or if everyone is smiling. They will just click away happily, a gut instinct that this is something to grab on film  

      We have two options for cameras. 

  •  Young kids – Peak Digital Basic Disposable here. Great for children as it is robust, hard wearing and waterproof so it should hopefully make the full trip home!
  •  Older Kids – Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera ,available here, allows kids to print small photos straight after taking them. Combine this with a travel journal and hopefully it is a stress free holiday.


2 – Travel journal.


Travel journals for kids(see here )are such a brilliant idea for kids to remember every detail of their family vacation. When combined with a camera the children can track their whole journey with stories and photos.


3 – Charge all iPod’s, ipad’s, phones, and small devices I.e. Nintendo DS

Having devices fully charged can make all the difference. Also download favourite movies and TV shows. Make use of all the space on your devices.


4 – Carry snacks but avoid sugar

Cereal bars, boxes of raisins, packs of dried fruit and nuts are your best friends if lunch is late. Also bananas and crackers are easy to pack and add energy if needed.


5 – Write Mobile number on child’s arm in biro in case they get lost

Great tip in case of an Emergency. Also put sticky label inside their clothing that reads something like, ‘My name is Gerard and my Mammies number is 087……’


6 – Get Breakfast in the Hotel if possible

If possible get breakfast included in your hotel so you can fill up and grab some fruit and pastries for later. The cost of including breakfast can work out saving you money and make sure Wi-Fi isn’t an added charge.


7 – Buy a Trunki


Trunkis (see here) are a little suitcase for kids that have wheels and a seat for the child to sit on. They are great for children when in long queues, as they can happily play while sitting on top. The strap also allows you to pull your child around, saving their little legs if you have a bit of a walk to do.



Play-do is a great addition to the travel activities. Its not too messy and can be added with small figures or toy to keep them entertained. Also bingo is a great game for plane journeys. Children enjoy selecting the numbers and its good for numeracy too.


9 – Family or Friends

We can never underestimate how important it is to have family around you. This is also the case on holidays. Many children can find it hard to make new friends. Having the backup of a familiar face can be great encouragement.


10 – Finally a full checklist

  1. Do NOT forget Best Friend (cuddly toy) or blanky.
  2. lightweight buggy
  3. Travel bottle warmer
  4. First-aid kit
  5. Medicines
  6. Sun protection
  7. Games – bingo, scrabble, playing cards, Play-Do etc.
  8. Wet wipes
  9. Drinks
  10. Snacks
  11. Change of clothes
  12. Books
  13. Crayons
  14. Music and nursery rhyme on CD
  15. Toys that don’t make load noises
  16. Take a pillow.
  17. Swim shirt
  18. Duct tape – For baby-proofing hotel rooms.

Have you any travel tips for travelling with children? Let me know what you think.


Much love!

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