Lego Movie Videogame and Marvel Avengers

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Today we are looking at a Video Game review for children aged 7-10 years. We are specifically reviewing the below games from a parents perspective.

The games we are reviewing are The Lego movie Videogame and Marvel Avengers from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

This review is focused mainly on younger players so we are looking for games which have:

  • Simple controls that can be easy to learn.
  • Fairly light, simple combats
  • Puzzles that usually involve flicking switches, pulling levers and opening locked doors with specific characters that have to be found.
  • Levels that can be completed without continued help from a parent.
  • Playable by two players.

The Lego movie videogame includes characters which most 7 to 10 year olds will be familiar with from the Lego movie. A huge plus is it follows the plot of the movie allowing the child to maneuver through each level with ease . Characters such as Batman, Superman, Emmett and Wildstyle are all playable when you complete certain stages and the open play world allows the children to collect different coins to buy more characters. It is a multiplayer game, allowing two children to play on the same machine. This game receives a big thumbs up from us, taking into consideration the points above.

The second game we chose is Marvel Avengers. Both games are Lego games and have the same controls which makes it easy for children to switch between each game. The reason we have rated the Lego Movie higher is because the Avengers film is targeted to older children so the characters are not as well known to the younger audience, however, the game is just as enjoyable as the Lego movie, and a much more impressive free play area.

Since Warner Bros began publishing the Lego games there have been more than 20 games released which are targeted at children, we feel that the two we picked were specifically good for the 7-10 year age bracket.

Both games are available from Smyths toy stores. The Lego Movie is €24.99 on playstation and Avengers can be purchased for €44.99 and both games are recommend for 7 year old and over.

The games are also available on the following: PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita

Have you tried the Lego Videogame and Avengers games? What do you think of them?

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