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Today’s post is continuing on our money saving tips, for those with children.

Many parents reach for Calpol to soothe their poorly little one in the middle of the night. Calpol is so popular it’s a household buzzword for many families with young children. However just like most medicines you can buy the generic version from the same pharmacies and can be purchased in some cases for up 70% of the price of the original.

Medicines like Parapead (Six Plus), Paralief Paracetamol and Doliprane sugar-free Syrup are generic brands of Calpol that are cheaper and will provide the same pain relief as their counterpart.

The reason we are sharing this information is not to advertise other products or recommend them, as we are not doctors, but to let you know that whenever you are buying medicine or getting prescriptions from your doctors you can, and should, always ask for a generic option of the drug you need. There is no obligation on your doctor/pharmacist to provide this information so please do remember as it can save you a lot of money in the long term.

Finally please trust your pharmacist’s advice prior to your purchases.

If you have a generic brand that you would like us to share with our readers then please leave a comment.

We would love to keep this post updated with Generic brands

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