Fisher Price Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo

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Happy Wednesday everyone, so if you haven’t slept in what feels like years and all you
need is five minutes peace with a cuppa/coffee we’ve got you covered.

The Fisher-price Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo is an adorable seat made from soft washable fabric, it is sure to give your little one lots of smiles and giggles and give you that all important rest!

As long as your child can hold their head unassisted (but not yet walking or climbing) they will get endless fun from this.

Sit your baby in the seat and they will be able to turn and play with all of the adorable features, it acts as a bouncer too and each time your baby jumps up and down there are lights, sounds and music to keep them entertained.

This is a must for sleep deprived parents!

Much love!
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Fisher-Price-roaring-Rainforest-Jumperoo-Baby-WalkerAvailable at Smyth’s toy stores

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