Exercise for new moms

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I don’t know about you, but unfortunately I, or any of the baby bloggers here, didn’t spring back into shape straightaway after having my first (or subsequent babies), and after the flurry of the first few weeks or months with a newborn, soon, for many, the time comes to lose the “last few” dreaded pounds that may be niggling away at you.


When the time came for me, I wasn’t certain which road to take , i.e to join a slimming group, become a gym bunny (really?! I hear those of you who know me ask!) or just plain old “eat less, move more!”.
I opted for the latter. With my newborn snuggled nicely in his pram I braved the winter weather and walked, walked and walked some more. I never imagined it would become the “me” time which I so desperately craved in the early days, while I was coming to terms with the lack of sleep and general readjustment my life had taken.

For me, along with eating well (most of the time!) I began to get in shape and my mind-set improved greatly. Although social media can be a huge benefit, it can also become your worst enemy, we are bombarded daily with #fitfam tags and it can be quite off putting coming to terms with the lingo, so to speak.

So my advice to new mums is, go easy on yourself, find something you enjoy and take it from there. Hopefully, it will provide as much enjoyment to you as it did to me.

Have you any tips to share on exercising with a new baby in tow? Let us know below, or join in the chat with me, and our other Irish baby bloggers, in the chat on Facebook.


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