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Today’s post is a review of the Lidl Cien Sun Cream for Kids SPF 50.

This week saw the release of a report on sun creams. The SPF Report, as it is called, comprised of a list of sunscreen which passed an SPF test. The test checked to see if the cream would protect the skin for the displayed SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The SPF refers to how long you can stay in the sun without getting burned so the higher the factor, the longer you can remain exposed without burning.

The Cien Sun Cream range from Lidl passed the test which is excellent news as it is half the price of most of the top name brands, I highly recommend you check it out.

The cream has UVA protection against the aging and carcinogenic rays of the sun, as well as UVB screen which acts against burning. Effectively giving you a two-pronged protection system.

From my own experience I found the cream comparable to most higher end brands, except there is a stickiness when applying the cream.

It has also been recommended that when you are using sun cream on children that you remember the following.

  1. Be generous – The average person is not using enough sun cream. We are supposed to be applying 3 times more sun cream than we currently use, each time you apply.
  2. Regular use – Sun cream should be applied to children 20 mins before they are exposed to the sun, and then every 3 hours that they stay in the sun.
  3. Take a lunch  – The hottest times are 11-3 in the day and it is recommended that we don’t have our children in the sun if possible during this time. Obviously this is just a recommendation but sun cream is a must during these times
  4. Waterproof – There is currently no evidence to support a sun cream that is 100% waterproof, so it is recommended it is reapplied after exposure to water.

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