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Breathable Baby cot bumperWhen the time came for my daughter to move from her moses basket to a cot,
I purchased the Breathable Baby cot bumper, having researched a few different options.

The Breathable Baby bumper is a soft air mesh bumper designed to wrap around the cot
to prevent baby bumping off the cot bars and, at the same time, providing complete air flow and a safer sleep.

To ensure maximum safety, it wraps completely around all sides of the cot preventing baby getting caught in the bars.

One of my concerns when I was choosing a bumper,  was the possibility my daughter pulling the fabric over her head. The breathable baby bumper is designed to ensure this does not happen, as it is secured on all sides. It reduces the risk of suffocation and another huge plus for me is it prevents the child from climbing out of the cot.

The Breathable Baby bumper attaches easily to the cot with one short panel for the top of the cot and one long panel for wrapping around the other 3 sides. There are fasteners to tuck underneath the mattress for extra safety. It is sturdy, washes well, very safe and most importantly comfortable for baby.

This bumper receives a big thumbs up from me!

I purchased The Breathable Baby Bumper from they retail starting from €29.95.

Have you tried the breathable baby cot bumper?  Let me know what you think.

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