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Monthly Archives: June 2016


Tips for new mums

Becoming a new mum for the first time can be overwhelming. With the lack of sleep in the early stages, and trying to adjust to feeding, new schedules and of course getting to know your new little bundle, even the smallest task can seem quite


Outdoor activities for kids – Aldi

Happy Wednesday everyone! So as the kids come to the end of their school year its time to start getting ready for some outdoor activities – and hopefully the sun will make an appearance eh?! This Thursday, 30 June, Aldi have a great range of


Top clothing picks for breastfeeding

Happy weekend ladies! We’ve had a number of requests from women looking for stylish yet practical tops for breastfeeding. With all the love and attention placed on a newborn in the early days, its hard to find time for yourself and clothes shopping is probably

Pippa PaletteBigger

Gifts for new mums

Happy Thursday everyone, So today we are looking at our top picks for new mums. Life can be hectic, especially during the early stages with a newborn, so we have brainstormed a few gift ideas for some lucky new mums! See our fabulous top picks


Tommee Tippee perfect prep bottle maker

Good morning guys, happy Sunday! I hope you are having a nice weekend? This morning we are looking at the Tommee Tippee perfect prep bottle maker. Time is precious when a new baby arrives, there are so many things to juggle. With this in mind


River Island mini – girls

Happy Saturday ladies, finally the weekend is here! So today we have picked our top pieces for girls from River island. The River Island mini range features all of the latest styles for 0-5years of age. The collection is perfect for your little trendsetter as


Top 10 Tips for travelling with Kids

1 – Disposable camera                        Kids and cameras go together. No pretence, no worrying about lighting or if everyone is smiling. They will just click away happily, a gut instinct that this is something to grab on film         We have two options for cameras.   Young kids – Peak Digital

Safety 1st Portable Bed Rail

Safety 1st Portable Bed Rail

So today we are looking at the Safety 1st Portable Bed Rail for children, which helps to prevent toddlers/young children falling out of bed. The Safety 1st Portable bed rail is suitable for use on both single and double beds. When attached to the bed


Travel tips for kids. Any suggestions?

We are often asked if we have any tips or tricks to make traveling with children easier. We are currently compiling a list of ideas and would love to include your suggestions. If you have any ideas you would like to share then please email