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Monthly Archives: May 2016


Cien Sun Cream for Kids SPF 50

Today’s post is a review of the Lidl Cien Sun Cream for Kids SPF 50. This week saw the release of a report on sun creams. The SPF Report, as it is called, comprised of a list of sunscreen which passed an SPF test. The


Burts Bee Getting started kit (Part 2)

Today we are looking at the Burts Bees cream-to-powder nappy care cream and the nourishing lotion from the Burts Bees getting started kit. You can read my review of the other products in the set here.   Burts Bees cream-to-powder The cream-to-powder is applied as


Generic Money Savers

Today’s post is hopefully a money saving tip, for those with children. Nurofen is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine and, as such, there are plenty of alternatives which are a lot cheaper. These alternatives are called generic medicine and can be purchased for at least

Bayer Design Doll

Dimples Molly Doll Pram 2.0

  I wanted to start our toy review blog with a toy that I am very impressed with. The Dimples Molly Doll Pram 2.0. The first thing I noticed was the weight of the pram. I’m regularly disappointed when I find most of the weight


Burts Bee Getting started kit

I’m always on the lookout for products which are kind to babies sensitive skin. So I recently purchased the Burts Bee Getting started kit, as it is natural and paraben free, which is ideal for babies and young children. The package consists of 5 travel


Sudocrem care and protect

So today we are talking nappy rash creams, care and prevention! Sudocrem is an iconic brand and recognised by all, so I was excited to try out the Sudocrem care and protect range. I have used the original Sudocream antiseptic healing cream on many occasions